Author name: Gabriel Rodrigues

Client Case #36

Case # 36 The client had a severe condition called hallux varus on both feet that made it almost impossible for them to wear closed shoes. However, we were able to design a beautiful sneaker-type shoe that accommodated the deformity while maintaining a nice appearance and concealing the problem.

Client Case #33

Case # 33 A neurological deficit caused a calcaneal varus deformation, which was the problem in this case. Our custom-made shoe was designed to accommodate this anatomical characteristic of the heel. As a result, the customer now experiences more comfort and stability while walking.

Client Case #30

Case # 30 A client who had a 6cm leg length difference faced significant challenges in finding a shoe that could correct the difference while also being lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. However, we provided them with exactly what they needed – a comfortable corrective shoe that was custom-made and lightweight.

Client Case #28

Case # 28 This client has a 3cm leg length difference along with a varus foot, causing difficulty in finding shoes that offer stability and correct the leg difference. However, we were able to create a completely customized shoe that accommodates the foot anatomy and includes an in-shoe leg length correction.

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